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Think Local Shop Morristown

Ten Reasons to Shop Local

Money Spent Local Stays Local

Studies have shown that for every $100 spent at a local business, between $45 and $63 go back into the community versus only $14 at a national chain store.

Local Businesses Contribute to the Community

Ninety-one percent of small business owners contribute to their community, including schools, nonprofits and community groups, by volunteering and making donations.

Local Businesses Provide Jobs

Small businesses account for a large share of new jobs created each year and locally based businesses provide some of the most stable employment opportunities in a community.

Supporting Local Business Supports Your Neighbors

Local businesses in Morristown are generally owned by people who live locally and are part of our community.

Local Businesses Maintain Morristown’s Uniqueness

Today’s workers are choosing to settle in places that preserve their distinctive character. Morristown has dozens of small businesses that have been in town for more than 50 years, thus contributing to the town’s special quality.

Small Businesses Offer Unique Choices

Morristown businesses offer shoppers unique products and services, not just the same old products based on a national sales strategy.

Receive Extra Attention and Quality Service

Research shows that small business owners compete by focusing on customer service and quality goods. Local business employees take the time to get to know their customers.

Put Your Taxes to Good Use

Local businesses require comparatively less infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services than do the big box stores which require more in services than they produce in revenue for a community.

Lower Environmental Impact

Local stores help sustain a vibrant, compact, walkable town center which in turn leads to reduced sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.

Stand Up for Morristown

In an increasingly homogenized world, it is important to support what is unique and special about a community. By shopping locally, you are investing in Morristown and supporting people who care about it – the local shop owners.

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Discover Morristown Highlights

Local Businesses with a Variety of Free Events

MORRISTOWN, NJ – The Morristown Partnership kicks off an intensive shop local marketing effort in Morristown with a special Discover Morristown event next week. Running from Wednesday May 16 through Sunday May 20, Discover Morristown will highlight many of the unique businesses in town with a variety of events, including trunk shows, educational seminars, tastings, makeovers, clinics and demonstrations. Most of the events are free and do not require a purchase.

“Morristown businesses have many unique qualities,” explains Stacy Schlosser, owner of Glassworks Studio and chair of the Discover Morristown Committee. “This event will give the people of our community a chance to learn more about the people behind the businesses as well as experience the unique products and services that a small business can support.”

Discover Morristown offers people an opportunity to learn more about the many businesses in town and launches a “Think Local, Shop Morristown” campaign. The Partnership has created this campaign to encourage the community to shop locally in Morristown for goods and services rather than go to area malls or big box stores.

“There are many excellent reasons for people to shop locally,” said Phil Del Giudice, president of the Morristown Partnership. “For example, studies have shown that money spent with a local business stays within the community much more so than with a national chain or big box store.”

As part of the launch of “Think Local, Shop Morristown,” business owners received a Construction Survival Kit this week reminding them that the inconveniences of the many construction projects in town are temporary and that the business future for the town is bright. Most of the items in the kit will support the Shop Local campaign, including bumper stickers, buttons and window decals. Everyone is asked to put a Shop Local bumper sticker on their cars and trucks and to wear the buttons.

“We want people to see a reminder of the “Think Local, Shop Morristown” campaign wherever they look,” said Michael Fabrizio, executive director of the Morristown Partnership. “Buttons, bumper stickers, banners and posters will all be integral to the campaign, serving as a constant reminder that we should all shop locally.”

The Town of Morristown is also supporting the campaign. Town vehicles will all display the shop local bumper stickers and town employees will proudly wear the buttons. “Local businesses are the essence of our economy,” said Mayor Donald Cresitello. “Morristown’s businesses create jobs for our residents, contribute significantly to our nonprofits and help to sustain a vibrant town center. It is important for all of us to choose to support them.”

The “Shop Local, Think Morristown” campaign is envisioned to be a long-term project. Area residents who would like bumper stickers for their cars should call the Partnership at 973-455-1133.