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Business District Tree Rejuvenation Plan

Autumn 2016

To the Business Owners of South Street and Washington Street

From the Morristown Shade Tree Commission

In coordination with the Morristown DPW and the Morristown Partnership, the Morristown Shade Tree Commission (STC) has developed a Business District Tree Rejuvenation Plan.

Street trees in an urban environment face a great deal of stress and abuse. In Morristown, we are seeing many factors negatively affect our street trees, causing them to die.

The underlying causes are:


Environmental stress

Introduction of chemicals

Wrong tree species in the wrong place

The Morristown STC has devised a methodical approach to ensuring the health, well-being and longevity of our street trees. After all, a shady street, clean air and beautiful sites for pedestrians to walk along, are of the utmost importance to a thriving business district. On the Reverse is the plan of action we will be taking in the next two years.

Morristown Shade Tree Commission: Business District Tree Rejuvenation Plan

1. Widen all tree wells to 4x6 or 4x8 wherever possible to give the tree more breathing/growing space

2. Dead or dying trees will be removed

3. Amend all tree wells:

a. Empty wells will be gutted and replaced with new soil. The soil will be according to specs that Richard Wolowicz, Town of Morristown Arborist, prepares (with the appropriate amount of organic material and food)

b. All wells will receive a treatment of BioChar (a soil enhancer that holds carbon and makes soil more fertile)

4. New trees will be planted ~ species chosen will be specific to streetscape living

5. Tree wells will then be covered with water permeable aggregate / surrounded with fencing per DOT specifications (tbd before 2017) to prevent compaction of soil which suffocates the tree

Street Schedule

South Street at Elm Street through Court House on Washington Street:

THIS WEEK 10/31/16: Dead tree removal is tentatively scheduled for this week. New plantings and minor widening of tree wells to follow shortly. All improvements are weather dependent; in the event the project cannot be completed this fall; improvements will be completed Spring 2017

Speedwell Avenue: Fall 2017

Morris Street: Spring 2018

Elm Street Fall 2018

Any questions or comments regarding this plan of action or any town tree related issue can be sent to